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Transform the way you manage your people
with our comprehensive human capital
国产视频appmanagement solution, iSolved®.

The #1 Mid-Market Human  Capital Management Solution

The #1 Mid-Market Human Capital Management Solution

国产视频appiSolved® is cutting-edge technology deployed seamlessly in companies with fewer than 20 employees as well as in those with thousands.

Serving over Three Million  Employees Nationwide

Serving over Three Million Employees Nationwide

Join the many companies using iSolved® to meet the changing demands of today’s workforce and regulatory environment.

Transforming People Management

Transforming People Management

iSolved® takes away the pain of managing HR functions separately, making your job infinitely easier.

Completely Scalable

Completely Scalable

iSolved® is completely scalable—it can grow or shrink with you as your needs change. The platform is also highly configurable to meet your unique business requirements.

All-in-One Platform

Easily access all payroll, benefits enrollment, time and attendance, and human resources data in one simple platform. You’ll love having all your crucial employee information in one place.

Easy to Use

国产视频appAre HR and payroll giving you headaches? iSolved® puts you in control of all your HR processes, making you aware of problems before they emerge. The system is robust, complete, and user-friendly.

Visibility into Workforce Intelligence

iSolved’s® executive dashboard allows you to gain new insights from your data. Take advantage of the advanced custom reporting options available.

Workforce Intelligence

Make Your Work Life Better with iSolved®

  • Get increased data security
  • Simplify operations
  • Boost profits
  • Eliminate extraneous work
  • Increase productivity
  • Maintain compliance
  • And more!

See How Our Powerful,
Easy-to-Use Platform Works!
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